Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge has created a guide for using the LEFT, RIGHT, MID, DATE, FINDITEM, and SUM functions in relation to aggregating raw data. This app will help users as they work to make data transformations to better suite their Anaplan modeling
Data Transformation and Aggregation
Spaulding Ridge has created this app as a guide for using the CREATE, DELETE, and ASSIGN actions to modify numbered lists in projects. Also included is an alternative method for updating numbered lists using the IMPORT action. This app will help
Numbered Lists
This app is designed to make the process of monthly budgeting in a retail environment both more efficient and more accurate. This forecasting tool will use prior year sales information, combined with current productivity and sales growth goals to
Retail Budgeting and Productivity
Spaulding Ridge's CRM and Pipeline Management app serves as a single hub for customer relationship management, and allows you to track relevant metrics across the sales cycle from your early prospecting efforts to the closing of a deal. The ACI
CRM and Pipeline Management
Utilize this app to help your Restaurants/Store(s) plan sales growth for the year, OpEx for the year, Cost of Sales for the year, and Optimize your workforce to plan around your high and low traffic times. In detail, you will be able to plan on how
Restaurants Planning - FP&A & Workforce Optimization
The PE Portfolio Management App from Plan Rocket Consulting gives private equity firms ability connect data, generate financial valuations, and generate portfolio snapshots and KPIs across the total organization.
Portfolio Management
This model from Spaulding Ridge will change the way you launch, setup, and maintain hierarchies in Anaplan.
PRC Hierarchy Wizard
Review profitability and financial position at each level of your institution using SR's quick start template to expedite development of your Anaplan model
Higher Education Profitability