ZS Associates has developed a demonstration environment to illustrate Anaplan’s capabilities in an Incentive Compensation app. The demo is tailored to key stakeholders in IC Admin such as the Sales Rep, Sales Manager, and Sales Ops Users and shows
Incentive Compensation Admin and Quota Planning
ZS’s Incentive Compensation Health Check app allows you to quickly assess the health and performance of your compensation plans on the basis of fairness and motivation. Compensation plans can become ineffective due to changes in sales processes,
Incentive Compensation Health Check
Snapshotting is a common technique used to store data in an Anaplan model while avoiding the use of the Versions feature. Our training covers multiple snapshotting approaches as well as documentation guidelines to make the process more transparent
COE Snapshotting Learning App
The ZS Channel Management Budgeting Tool allows you to dynamically set your channel program thresholds and evaluate your annual budgets based on your programmatic commitments to partners. Budgets are broken down by product category, region, and
Channel Management Budgeting
Crossbow Cloud is a proprietary ZS forecast model optimized for the pharmaceutical industry. The model leverages the Anaplan platform to facilitate a collaborative forecasting process and produce real time roll-ups of forecasts across brands and
Crossbow Cloud Pharmaceutical Forecasting
The Sales Planning with Account Level Potential app allows you to calculate the potential sales by product from your customers and prospects and immediately leverage this information to improve your sales force effectiveness. The concept of Account
Sales Planning with Account Level Potential
This platform brings together multiple apps with ZS Sales Operations methodologies into one integrated, agile Sales Ops solution supported by a central data hub
ABC - Analytics Based Connected Sales Planning Platform