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With the Huron Anaplan solution for Bank Margin Planning, banks can refocus their planning processes from rote administrative exercises to a key activity for improving earnings forecasts and establishing the crucial link between risk and return. Because of the need for forecasts to support stress tests, new current expected credit loss (CECL) accounting standards and other regulatory submissions, financial institutions have an opportunity to transform planning into a mechanism that not only bolsters value of accurate planning but also to support crucial compliance mandates.



Develop Accurate Net Interest Margin projections
  • The key to forecasting accurate net interest margin forecasts begins with the Balance Sheet and accurately identifying the impact of your current book business along with projections of new volume. A remarkable amount of known information can be incorporated into your plan to come up with better earnings estimates. With the addition of Funds Transfer Pricing, planners can forecast what they control, a spread above or below an established cost of funds.
Leverage sophisticated financial models
  • The Huron Anaplan solution for financial services forecasts all the financial products on and off your balance sheet and incorporate advanced analytics such as prepayments and customer behaviors that drive interest margin.
Immediately see risk/return trade offs
  • The Huron Anaplan solution immediately recalculates all impacts to planned product activity: from Required Capital, to Expected Losses, to Key Liquidity Ratios.
Quickly change economic environments to Conduct stress tests
  • By separating macroeconomic variables and interest rates from the core plan, alternative scenarios can be created simply and quickly for both what-if analysis as well as to meet regulatory stress testing demands.
Separate core plans from strategic initiatives
  • The Huron Financial services solution for Anaplan allows you to quickly identify the bottom line impact of planned future initiatives and easily aggregate them for complete plan views.
Visualize your results
  • Dashboards, Key Metrics and reports immediately provide an intuitive view of your plan.
  • Each dashboard providing Unique views and information based upon user roles and requirements.


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