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Deloitte’s Capital Projects Planning & Allocations app enables corporate finance, operations, and strategy teams to assess the viability of potential projects as well as track the performance of ongoing initiatives. The tool is extremely user friendly and flexible allowing for the platform to be easily adopted in to any organization. Designed for rapid time to value, the tool can be integrated to source systems such as a general ledger (i.e. SAP or Oracle) or a CRM (i.e. Salesforce, MS Dynamics). Originally envisioned for an aerospace use case, the app uses historical production data to create benchmarks and projections for accurately predicting revenue and costs associated with a given project. The allocation engine incorporates both driver based logic and user defined inputs to accurately distribute cost to a related project. Ultimately, the ability to quickly view key project metrics and P&Ls gives users streamlined decision making capabilities and an array of scenario comparisons for fully transparent project planning.



Project Planning
  • Projects can be added by project type (Capex, Overhead, SaaS) to make it easier to compare similar initiatives and more accurately configure operating assumptions
  • Users have the ability to submit new project requests and follow the workflow; utilizing automated flags for mandatory fields and highlighting recommended additional details
Request/Approval Workflows
  • The app features a multi tier approval process to ensure projections are accurate and requested initiatives are aligned with leaderships goals
  • Interactive dashboards allow users to track the stages of each project in the workflow and then view in-service projects to actively monitor progress and delivery
Revenue Forecasting
  • Historical revenue data can be imported and then users have the opportunity to carry forward that data with assumed growth rates or input overrides and adjustments
  • This portal allows corporate finance & accounting teams to better predict cash flows associated with new projects and create revenue forecasts for key stakeholders
Revenue Attribution
  • After calculating revenue by product or business area end users can create revenue per unit attributions and tweak assumptions for each project type (Capex, Overhead, SaaS)
  • Utilization is adjusted by several variable (scenario, operating department, project type, etc.) to give planners customized metrics and accurate forecasts
Operating Expense Forecasting & Allocations
  • Plan operating expenses by category or down to the GL Account level and allocate final budgets from cost centers to profit centers to assess company profitability
  • The app utilizes Anaplan’s break back and flexible time scales; enabling end users to plan quickly and adjust plans as needed to accomplish targets or goals
Project KPIs/Executive Reporting
  • The application calculates IRR, ROIC, NPV, ROI, and Payback Period for each project and compares each metric across multiple scenarios to aid decision making
  • Users have the ability to view the data in both tabular and visualized form over time to assess the success or decline of a given project
Cash Constraint Planning
  • Users can setup balance thresholds, conversion rates, and apply assumed growth to create benchmarks that align with organizational requirements
  • The tool automatically brings in project cash flows (+/-) and evaluates if there are necessary funds to support all the requested initiatives for any given time period
  • Rank, filter, and sort by different criteria for prioritization of projects (i.e. Top Projects by NPV or Top Projects by IRR or Top Projects by Cumulative NOI)
  • Assess effects to the rankings based on market factors, internal constraints, and any other obstructions with the ability to toggle 50+ drivers/assumptions
Workforce Planning
  • Integrated workforce planning to forecast resourcing needed to support operations
  • The app utilizes an abundance of drivers and assumptions to align with an organization HRIS system to ensure more accurate employee related expense planning


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