Cost Allocation & Transfer Pricing

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“Cost allocation & Transfer Pricing” app built by EY helps in forward-looking automation of the cost allocation and transfer pricing process and aligns with finance operations and transformation projects. It provides companies with insights, like cost incurred by different cost centers, markup charged on the incurred cost and calculations for transfer pricing. It also helps in simplifying driver based cost allocation process and generation of reports to stabilize the recovery process, which in turn helps resolve queries from business units, countries, tax authorities and regulators.



Cost center mapping
  • Costs incurred by various business units, departments and operational units are mapped to respective cost centers (CC). This helps in analyzing cost incurred by CC and assigning it to different cost incurring hubs (CIHs)
Cost forecasting
  • Provision of calculating year to date cost values for the current month based on the prior month's actual cost incurred by GL for different CCs
Currency conversion
  • Automates conversion of the cost incurred in local currencies of cost centers into reporting currency using global average rates/ closing rates
Markup calculation
  • Automates and simplifies the process of calculating the mark-up amount (based on the mark-up rate for different CCs). Markup amount and cost base from the components of total cost to be allocated to different countries
Driver based allocation
  • Provides the user with the option of defining drivers, based on which the ratios will be calculated for allocating the cost incurred by various cost incurring hubs
Calculation of recovered amount based upon capping conditions
  • Provision of defining various cap and conditional limits like recovery up to cost amount/ specified limit for recovering allocated cost from countries. Provide a snapshot of the amount which can be recovered from various countries (up to capping limits) and the amount which will remain unrecovered and has to be absorbed by the CIH
Country / Region / Cost type/ Cost incurring hub wise allocated/recovered/unrecovered costs
  • Simplified reports that help identify cost and mark-up that has been charged to various countries, and provide a detailed view on region/cost type wise allocated cost. Pre-built dashboards also present complete reports for invoicing and taxation purposes


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