HR Planning Solution

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The main purpose of the HR Management app is an effective budgeting automation and improvement of the human resource managing within the company or department framework. This app facilitates both bottom-up and top-down approaches to plan each division employees number.


Logical structure of dashboards allows to visualize all information you need in the form of clear and easy-to-understand reports using different levels of drilldown.


The HR admin is the main user of this model by default. Administrator defines the structure of company and its settings, approve and disapprove any other employees suggestions and use the reportings to analyse and improve company's performance in HR management.


The responsibility of Department Manager, as a Head of Department, is to request HR Admin for change of employee's number and salary. Manager can set up vacations and trainings schedule as well as Department Employee.


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March 28th, 2017
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General structure settings
  • Export and auto generate company structure data
  • Export employee information from HR system
  • Setup Visual interface for company structure representation in Dashboards
General Entities settings
  • Deep detailed calendar settings: Holidays, Shifts, number of working days, hours etc.
  • Setup Recruitment resources
  • Setup Trainings
  • Setup Internal Corporate Events
Salary, Bonuses, Extra payments settings
  • Annual and Q bonuses rates for grades
  • Harmful and Territory Extras
  • Night, Overtime, Holidays and Weekends etc.
  • Tax parameters
Non-Material compensations setup
  • Insurance program cost and grades setup
  • Transport, Fitness, Mobile compensations
  • Car and fuel allowance
  • Corporate events
Bottom-up dept review and planning
  • Each dept can manage and request changes in their HR budget:
    • Employee list and positions number
    • Fire and hire
    • Salary Changes
    • Employees holidays
    • Training requests
HR Approval Workflow
  • Special alerts and workflow dashboars for HR specialists where they can:
    • Approve or decline departments' suggested changes in employees number, their salaries and details of new employees
    • Look through each suggestion on external trainings for employees and approve/disapprove them.
Detailed HR P&L, Cash Flow calculation
  • App calculates automatically ~25 HR P&L Lines detailed start on each employee to overall HR company budget.
  • Cash Flow settings(salary and tax calendar) auto converts your P&L into payment calendar
Market benchmarks
  • Very useful and connected to App data comparison Dashboards.
  • Overview of your company's salaries by positions and the average ones on the labour market.
  • You can identify Risks&Opps in you compensation policy and make top-down recommendation directly to depts based on data.
Analytical Reporting
  • A lot of predefined HR analytics reports with drill-down capabilities.
    • HR P&L Waterfalls
    • Payments calendar
    • HR Markers(avg rates, salaries, dinamics ets.)
    • HR budget completeness status
    • Depts benchmarks
    • Market Benchmarks

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