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Managing revenue, physician productivity and compensation across a health system and physicians group is difficult. This is further compounded by a changing reimbursement system, payor differences by location, and the continuous acquisition of independent physician groups.
Allitix’s Health System and Physicians Group Planning app facilitates a better understanding of the impacts of additional physicians, how to effectively optimize and rationalize locations, as well as a flexibility in managing an ever-changing industry business model.



Doctor Planning
  • Understand productivity, revenue and compensation of doctors by location and specialty.
  • Gain more clarity around staffing requirements to better forecast revenue, contribution margins and profitability.
  • Validate non-physician personnel, supplies and other expenses against work performed.
Procedure Planning
  • Build a bottoms-up plan by doctor to understand RVUs and reimbursements by procedure.
  • Obtain a granular view of productivity and rates for CPT codes.
Hospital Revenue
  • Plan inpatient/outpatient admissions by payor type.
  • Forecast and manage growth in NPR/Admits.
  • Manage and forecast patient days, length of stay, staffed beds and occupancy.
M & A Planning
  • Manage the impact of independent physicians groups into the overall organization and how they will be integrated.


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