Higher Education: Long Range Planning

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Transform your institution’s long-range planning process using various forecast methods centered around tuition and fees, student enrollment, meal plans and housing. Understanding the impact of these core revenue drivers allows your organization to generate more accurate and timely forecasts. Further utilize this model to monitor key performance metrics, analyze the future of capital investments in the organization, and closely manage debt facilities and how they impact your financial statements.



Revenue Analysis
  • Generate accurate forecasts for tuition and enrollment, meal plans & housing – key revenue drivers of higher education institutions. Plan credit hours at the student level, adjust global inflation rates, and forecast changes in meal plans and housing based on occupancy and enrollment by semester.
Scenario Planning
  • Enables an organization to identify various opportunities and constraints through their financial statements with the ability to simulate changes in revenue drivers and assumptions. Allows teams to make effective decisions in where to invest their resources and strategically plan future outcomes.
Debt Manager
  • Offers the ability to maintain debt facilities in one place while tracking debt type, term of debt, loan amounts, principal payments, interest, and amortization. Utilize the debt manager for forecast analysis as debt is paid down, review outstanding debt balances and visualize the impact on your organization’s financials.
Capital Project Planning
  • Maintain and plan for future capital projects by school with features such as selection of funding type, customization of payment plans and an integrated approval process. Evaluate the impact on financing a project by debt and the associated effect on the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.


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