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The PE Portfolio Management App from Spaulding Ridge gives private equity firms or parent firms the ability connect data from multiple input sources, generate financial valuations of their portfolio based on portfolio company data feeds, and generate portfolio snapshots over time to get a time-based output of their relevant metrics and KPIs across the total organization.



Standardize financial statements across your portfolio of companies, from any source
  • Enjoy extreme flexibility in receiving data from any source, mapping it through standardized Lookup tables and landing it in the correct data sockets in the Anaplan model. Disjointed P&L's now automatically flow together. Connect to your legacy systems, load from excel, or point to any other Anaplan model across workspaces and push or pull the information into an aggregated planning environment
Build custom valuation models across varying business segments
  • This app features a Free Cash Flow to Firm and Free Cash Flow to Equity model driven off of aggregated 12-month rolling financial information. You can build your proprietary valuation models, or identify new modeling techniques like multiples modeling to fit the needs of your organization, and standardize the valuation of your portfolio firms over time as you experience churn from top analyst / senior analyst talent. Additionally, you can leverage Anaplan's hierarchy management capabilities to split out firms into multiple segments (ie. software segment and services segment) to generate true portfolio valuation metrics. This framework can be applied to any segmentation required for modeling.
Generate time-based portfolio snapshots aggregated at any level
  • Use the innate functionality of Anaplan to position every part of the analysis over time so you can see all of the inputs, drivers, and outputs across a time-scale. No more copying, saving, distributing, and collecting workbooks. Identify key metrics over time at any level of the organization, rolling up to directly match your portfolio hierarchy. View portfolio performance and company performance monthly or quarterly.
Perform What-if Analysis immediately across any dimension
  • Perform what-if analysis at both a top-down and bottoms-up level, across versions, time, growth-sensitivity analysis, and any other adjustable metric. If you want to model scenario A with a stock beta of 1.1, and scenario B with different risk profile and a beta of 0.9, you can click a button to create multiple scenarios, and adjust the inputs accordingly to flow through the entire free cash flow model across all of your sensitivity analysis targets. You can even apply multiple valuation models to see what makes the most sense on a case by case basis.


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