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The Fund & Portfolio Monitoring app for Fund of Funds and Secondaries firms takes data from source systems (FIS Investran, eFront Invest, iLevel, Salesforce and / or Excel) and gives the end user the ability to analyze all key financial, operational and performance data of the fund. The model allows users to determine exposure across industry sectors and geographies, and view data easily in one centralized platform. The model produces key statistics such as ROI, DPI, TPVI, and IRR for underlying funds investments and their portfolio companies / properties. The dashboards and visualization allows for firm management and investment analysts to answer critical questions from investors and management to prepare insights and analytics for use across the firm.



Analysis by Coverage Personnel
  • Analyze key metrics over time for all General Partners Covered (i.e. Commitment, Unfunded Commitment, Contributions, Distributions, NAV, TVPI, DPI, RVPI)
  • Analyze key metrics over time for all underlying funds that are within each GP
  • Analyze portfolio company exposure by external underlying fund, and internal fund
CRM/Relationship Details
  • Explore recent interactions (Annual Meetings, Conferences, News) filtered by General Partner
  • Add notes in real time to support key decisions in one centralized platform
  • Explore key contacts and store any relevant contact information plus key milestone or delivery dates to be shared across Front, Middle and Back Office
Underlying Fund Snapshots
  • Single splash page highlighting an underlying fund’s key metrics (ROI, DPI, TVPI, RVPI, IRR, etc.)
  • Access static data by underlying fund (Vintage Year, Fund Size, Fund Type, Sector, Geo, etc.)
  • Visualization of data for contributions, distributions, NAV, IRR (J-Curve) over time
  • View portfolio companies within each underlying fund and the security or investment type
Portfolio Company Analysis
  • Explore portfolio company ownership by geography, public vs private, and GICS
  • View key portfolio company statistics over time (Shares Outstanding, Cost, Market Value, etc.)
  • Analyze fund exposure value by external underlying fund and internal investment fund
Deal Lifecycle and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Integrate data from fund accounting platform and view capital activity by period
  • Analyze transaction history and key metrics by initiative (i.e. Deal, Project or Strategy)
  • Export and utilize data in Excel for analytics and additional reporting
  • Analyze transaction level detail by underlying fund to track performance over time
Key Metric Reporting
  • “Top Ten” metrics for the portfolio (Top 10 NAV, Top 10 Contributions, Top 10 Gains, etc.)
  • Report and analyze portfolio make up (% by Vintage Year, % By Fund Type, % By Geo / Sector, etc.)
  • Analyze portfolio company by Market Value, MOIC, over time with dynamic filtering
Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Front office team can track financial metrics, relationship information, and static data
  • Operations, Finance and Accounting can pierce through data to deliver rapid requests to other stakeholders (i.e. Compliance, Investors, Management, Front Office)
  • Firm-wide single source of truth level to capital activity and portfolio company data
  • Flexibility to update static data if necessary to align with Ad Hoc Reporting
Workflow / Approvals / Audit Trail
  • Submit updates and requests for new data points
  • Track day to day processes via process checklists and approvals
  • Audit large variances to data inputs and overrides to ensure data congruence


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