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The Fund Management Suite for Private Equity and Real Estate Asset and Portfolio Managers allows portfolio company finance teams to login and upload key financials. It can also take feeds of data from source systems (Investran, eFront, Yardi, MRI, JDE, iLevel, Salesforce) and gives the end user the ability to analyze all key financial and meta data of the portfolio or fund. The model integrates with a DCF valuation model to track asset valuation over time. Pro Forma financial statements allow for Actual vs Plan analysis as well as forecasted cash flows. Static data is added to determine exposure across industry sectors and geographies, and view data easily in one centralized platform. The model produces key statistics such as ROI, DPI, TPVI, and IRR for underlying funds and investment initiatives. The dashboards and visualization allows for firm management and coverage personnel to answer critical questions from investors and prepare insights for the direction of new funds and future investments.



Integrated Financial Statements
  • Forecasted financials based on dynamic budgeting and forecasting tools
  • Ability to use imported data or projections based on historical actuals
  • Dynamic time and display settings for easy export and distribution
Forecasting Model
  • Capital Expenditure planning, Depreciation Forecasting, Cash outlay for WIP
  • Forecast balance sheet items with driver based planning to dynamically project changes in NWC
  • Project revenue, cost, and margin for multiple streams by each individual portfolio company.
Deal Lifecycle and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Ability to integrate data from General Ledger system and view cash flows by period
  • Analyze transaction history and key metrics by initiative (i.e. Project , Company, or Strategy)
  • Ability to export and utilize data in Excel for analytics and additional reporting
  • Analyze transaction level detail by underlying fund to track performance over time.
Executive Summaries
  • Ability for front office team to track financial metrics, relationship information, and static data
  • Ability for analysts to assess budget vs actuals and forecast financials out 5+ years.
  • Organizational transparency to performance by fund, to enable proactive decision-making
  • Flexibility to update static data if necessary to align with Ad Hoc Reporting


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