Resource Capacity Planning for Financial Accounting

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This Resource Capacity Planning model provides a platform to plan and optimize resources based on the latest sales/services forecasts and budgets data from FinancialForce.


The model collects forecasted services revenue and budgeted resource capacity, and then incorporates FinancialForce information about team size, project assignments, resource availability and contractor pools to enable real-time resource optimization for Professional Services Managers and resource planning for HR.


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FinanceStrategic PlanningPlanning, Budgeting and ForecastingProfitability Analysis
Professional Services
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August 25th, 2015
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Identify Resource Requirements
  • Provides visibility into resource requirements based on sales pipeline, services forecast, contractor availability and planned hiring. Enables HR to create or adjust the hiring plan based on real-time business inputs.
Capacity Planning
  • Provides ability to forecast and optimize resource capacity across client projects, services teams and geographical regions. Resources can be: assigned to projects, scheduled for hire, supplemented by contractors or identified as having space capacity to support other teams.
  • This application integrates with the Anaplan Budgeting and Financial Planning app to collect your organization structures, and also integrates with Financial Force PSA/HCM to collect Project info, Resource Assignments, Employee/Contractor details. Finally an integration with the OpenSymmetry Revenue Forecasting model for Forecast Revenue and Sales Pipeline data.
Real Time Collaborative Planning
  • The built in integrations enable key inputs to be updated in real time. Allowing the business to plan capacity in real time; adjusting the capacity in response to the changing forecast and sales pipeline. This removes the need for back and forth emails and multiple versions of spreadsheets.


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