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This app calculates the various rental costs i.e index regulated minimum fees (consumer price index), stepwise variable rent, marketing costs, shared services cost etc. as well as calculating provisions to meet expected variable costs based on store sales revenue at year end. The app improves and simplifies the forecasting and control of rental costs for retailers with a large number of stores Costs and KPIs can be analyzed by store chain, store owner groups, individual stores and by geographical areas. The app is simple to implement and to customize and gives you immediate overview and insight into anomalies and possible cost savings areas. The app may also eliminate costs to external providers of similar services.



Contract Archive
  • The Contract Archive can contain all relevant contract details to calculate the different rental costs.
Sales Revenue Planning
  • Use the in-built sales forecasting module to set up sales forecast by chain or individual stores for multiple years or link to your existing sales forecast model.
Analyse by Chain
  • Analyse rental cost components by chain to get both the overview and the necessary details.
Analyse by Store Owner
  • Costs are analysed by owner across store chains. You can rapidly locate stores by owner to spot anomalies or improvement areas.
  • While fixed rental costs are invoiced monthly or in advance, the variable costs will be calculated and invoiced after year end. The app calculates the provisions needed to meet expected total costs and spread it to the remaining periods in the financial year.
Advanced Searching
  • Quickly find stores using multiple criterias and edit / analyze further (location, missing data, store owner etc).
Store Analysis
  • Rapidly view the result of varying contractual details i.e stepwise variable rent, index regulated minimum rent, rental free periods, marketing costs etc. Costs are calculated on yearly basis but is spread evenly but adjusted to index regulations.
Store contract ending
  • Spot which store need renewal of contracts and be prepared for every scenario.
Easy to set up and customize
  • The app is easy to set up and modify according to specific needs and assumptions.


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