Weekly Cash Flow Model

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This Weekly Cash Flow model provides a platform for active cash flow management and can help a company understand what your cash needs are on a rolling basis by connecting to your source data systems and creating a direct cash flow. This allows your company to have a clear picture of what upcoming cash needs are, allows your company to take action regarding collections and understand any implications of a cash shortfall due to key customer payment delays or bonus payments.
This model first focuses on collecting several key areas of information from sources of data such as beginning cash balances, expected cash receipts, expected cash disbursements, debt and lease payments, estimated payroll expenses etc. with visibility into invoice details. The 13-week cash flow model is then established based on the data collected, and highlights weekly cash flow detail and offers a week-to-week comparison for the monitoring of your company’s cash position.



Weekly Cash Flow Model
  • Delivers a dynamic cash flow model which provides an aggregated view of a company’s cash sources. The 13-week report represents the outlook of the company’s cash for an approaching quarter and the net cash flow for the period. The weekly report allows for a detailed view of the ins and outs of cash, which most accurately represents the current state of cash flow.
Functional Cash Source Planning
  • Provides templates for cash flow planning at the granular level of detail for various cash sources including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Capital Expenditures, Lease Expense, and more. Allows businesses to foresee inflows and outflows of cash related to monthly payments, collections and invoice aging in order to successfully track the state of cash flow in real-time.
Capital Expenditures and Scenario Analysis
  • The model offers the ability to budget for spend related to large capital projects which can be based on revenue trends or various growth rates. It also offers the ability to use scenario analysis to better determine the value of these expenses. The assumptions then flow into the 13-week cash flow model which can be used to plan for the company’s ability to make future investments.
Bank Loan Schedule and Net Debt Analysis
  • Offers the functionality of scheduling bank loan payments while planning for adjustments related to bank fees, leverage thresholds and cash interest payments. Provides a method for net debt analysis and its impact on cash flow.


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