Zero-Based Budgeting

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Deloitte’s Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) In a Box model enables an organization to apply ZBB quickly to common cost towers applicable to all organizations regardless of industry. The application is powered by Anaplan’s connected planning platform, which enables fast implementation and rapid scaling across a company’s planning functions. The solution addresses industry agnostic G&A expenses with leading practices that help increase speed to value, including consistent approaches to department budget planning with a base of zero, techniques for reducing expenses, and the ability to perform roll-ups and reporting.



Project Planning
  • Construct new and existing project costs by department and activities.
  • Add details to each project cost such as cost type, justification, vendor, cost center mapping and location.
  • View distribution of project costs for a selected period and across locations.
Technology Profiles
  • Create a technology profile that consists of a technology package that is allocated to various employee types to support their daily activities.
  • Create technology support components with their corresponding estimated monthly costs and associate them with technology profiles.
  • Link the technology profile to new roles and existing employees within the Workforce Planning module to view a summary of employee technology expenses.
Workforce Planning
  • Create a new role for a selected cost center and assign the role a technology profile, location and desired merit increase amount for a specified period.
  • Salary bands with regional tier assumptions adjust salaries of new roles linked to the tier of city the employee is hired into. For example, a role in NYC would project a higher salary across a selected salary band than Dallas.
  • Import existing employee information to view a summary of expenses related to newly created roles versus existing employees for a selected department.
Travel Expense Planning
  • Define allowed travel routes and valid transportation methods for origin and destination routes.
  • Create cost assumptions for each type of travel expense in order to reduce clicks and cost inputs during the travel planning process.
  • Create travel expenses by department and assign to a cost center and project.
Project Spending Summary
  • Aggregates all budgeted expenses attached to Projects within the application to provide a summary of project costs by project type.
  • Provides a detailed project summary of a selected project type with a list of related projects.
  • Displays a project spending breakdown of a selected project showcasing project costs by account line.
Variance Analysis
  • View a P&L variance of budgeted values against prior year actuals for high-level expense items, with the ability to select an expense item to view a breakdown of detailed-level variances below.
  • The P&L variance can be viewed by department or at a total company level with the option to filter on selected time periods.
P&L Summary
  • View the profit and loss summary from a consolidated view of expenses and analyze by department or total company for a select version
  • Filter on time selections to analyze the organizational cost summary by month, quarter, or year.


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