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As a leading advisory firm in the area of finance—as well as the 2015 Anaplan Implementation Partner of the Year—Deloitte has developed iCost, a cost and profitability management application. It aims at accelerating the design, run, and reporting of cost and profitability models. The app is structured around our best practice methodologies for cost and profitability management, yet flexible and agile enough to adjust to changing needs and situations. It is fast, user-friendly, and is designed with a focus on simplifying the experience; it enables clients to focus on driving business value and making effective informed decisions based on key insights.


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FinancePlanning, Budgeting and ForecastingProfitability Analysis
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November 3rd, 2015
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  • iCost features all the basic requirements to create activity-based costing, building-block costing, and other types of costing models (definition of allocation sequences, upload of drivers, etc.).
Flexibility of allocations
  • Possibility to allocate multiple parts of one single cost object differently (e.g. by cost nature), using the "exception" drivers.
Trace back
  • Full traceability of cost allocations all the way down the cost chain.
Controlled and managed by end-user
  • Easily add/delete drivers, easily add/delete resources/activities/cost objects, and change allocation mechanism.
Multiple scenarios
  • Create and revise multiple scenarios to predict costs, profitability, and resources (capacity) of organizational changes.
Profitability analysis
  • Upload sales figures to analyze customer and product profitability on top of traditional activity-based costing and building-block costing.
Platform capabilities
  • iCost can easily be extended to include collection of driver data and operational reporting. It can also be a basis to create a platform on which all sorts of organizational activities are managed from, such as IT costing, sales forecasting, integrated business planning, etc.


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