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Re: Daily Switchover/ Best Practices

Hi @Evantownson, always appreciate a good “Best Practices” question!


I’ll split your question in two.  First I’ll start with bringing “Today” into a model.  We usually need to implement some way to indicate the current day, so we’ll put a line item (with no intersecting dimensions) in a Global Settings module somewhere that’s just a user-entered, date-formatted line item.  Then we use whatever integration strategy you have in place to import to this line item daily with the current date.  There are lots of articles on the community about how to build or use something like this, I’ll try to find links later, but you can do anything from Anaplan Connect pointed to a one-cell Excel spreadsheet with the TODAY() function all the way to using Anaplan Hyperconnect to keep this line item updated.  Or of course you can have somebody update it manually daily, but I wouldn’t recommend that as a long term enterprise-grade solution.


Regarding daily switchover, you can definitely automate the process of importing to your Versions, so you would just need a source module and then an import into Versions mapping to the Switchover date, based on your Today line item.  You could include this import into the integration strategy that sets your Today line item for you as well.


But one word of caution, this can have huge impacts on your model (as I’m sure you know better than me), so for anybody else reading this I really wouldn’t recommend automating this process until you have a very mature Anaplan model strategy in place.  Overall this should really be an edge case and most Anaplan customers probably don’t need to go this route, I would recommend taking a good look at requirements and alternative options before going down this path.  


Happy to give more technical details if anything here is unclear, or if you've already gotten this far on your own and want me to take this to the next level definitely happy to help!

-Chris Weiss
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