Re: Erin Lauterbach & Sam Wong - Model Building Problem Solving

@NicolasCadierhere are the responses to your questions: 


Question 1 Response:

COLLECT() is a function used in conjunction with Line Item Subsets to dimensionalize line items back to a list.
For example, in our Statistical Forecasting Application, we have a Calculation module that with line items that calculate the final forecasts for each algorithm method.


Step 1: Identify Line Items to Dimensionalize/CollectPicture1.png

Step 2:  Create a Line Item Subset and mark line items for inclusionPicture2.png

Step 3: In your list, create a property called Connect to Subset whose format is your line item subset:



Step 4: Create a module dimensionalized by this Line Item Subset and relevant properties, and call COLLECT()



Step 5: Create a module dimensionalized by your list, and reference the Subset module with a Lookup from the Connect to Subset property




Another example and more details on COLLECT() can be found here:



Question 2 Response:

Refer to Rob Marshall’s example (link below), he gave a great response and we agree with it. Create a concatenated list of the intersections and use this flat list in your model. Create a module with properties to translate the Flat List to other levels of your hierarchy


- Erin & Sam 




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