Community Manager

Model Sparsity Principles & Center of Excellence Best Practices

Mark Shemaria is truly a part of the fabric of Anaplan, having been around since the beginning. His vast experience in architecture, design, and implementation makes him a highly sought-after resource. 

Tell us a little bit about your experience here at Anaplan. How long have you been here? What areas have you worked in? 

I have focused on supporting some of our most innovative and challenging customers as they progress through the Anaplan platform journey, optimizing the value of using this amazing technology.

I was the first Anaplan architect in North America, helped in forming the original Master Anaplanner groups. I’m in my 8th year at Anaplan.  

What is your area of expertise, and how did you achieve it?
One of our most important customers of course, is Anaplan. Anaplan’s use of the Anaplan platform as a proving ground for Connected Planning and as a showcase for what is truly possible for our customers is my primary objective.

For 25+ years I have developed and deployed successful architectures, designs, implementations and testing of management systems using multi-dimensional data structure technologies. I trained and licensed as a CPA and before Anaplan worked with Adaytum, Cognos and TM1 EPM technologies.

What makes Anaplan a great place to work?

Anaplan is a great place to work because of the opportunity to meet and work with people passionate about using this powerful new technology.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself! 

I’m a soccer dad of a power wheel chair soccer athlete who plays in National competitions.