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Re: Chris Weiss - Partner Perspective

Hi @fabien.junod, thanks for the question.


We use the ALM functionality throughout all of our implementations, it has really made the whole SDLC much smoother. As we finish build sprints and allow the business/testing team to validate, we use ALM to deploy to a Test model (in deployed mode). This allows us to 1) Keep large data quantities out of our Development environment so that our build teams aren’t slowed down when they hit errors, and 2) Continue to develop new functionality without impacting the testing of the previous sprint. Then we use ALM to deploy to a Production environment for Go-Live, while still making any enhancements or building future functionality in a Development environment without impacting end users.


Overall, I’d say we start using ALM once we finish the first sprint or two and testing begins, and from there on out we’re probably using ALM to synchronize models almost daily throughout the rest of the implementation.


Hope that helps, thanks!


-Chris Weiss
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