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Re: Chris Weiss - Partner Perspective

Hi @anne_cooper, thanks for joining us.


We definitely value the strong relationship between the implementation partner, Anaplan, and the customer product owner(s).  The way I see it is that the relationships change and are defined by where the customer is in their Anaplan journey.  Upfront, either when the customer first buys their licenses or when they’re starting to implement a new set of functionalities, the implementation partner is key and does most of the heavy lifting on the people, process, and technology sides.  We live and breathe the customer’s business process and help move them towards a better future state, and that make that a reality.  In comparison, Anaplan’s Customer Success group is less hands-on in the beginning but always involved in the journey, and owns the long-term relationship with the customer.  So long after the implementation is finished and the partner has left, Anaplan will always be there for the customer. 


So our job as partners in that relationship is to make sure that Anaplan fully understands what we learn about the customer, that they know the future state and everywhere that the customer expects Anaplan to go in the future, and that we have a full knowledge transfer of what we build to Anaplan so that they are fully empowered to own the long-term success of the customer within the platform.  Anaplan’s Customer Success owns the long tail of the customer journey, and our job as partners is to transition the Reader’s Digest version everything we’ve learned and done in our intense involvement early in the process to ensure seamless transition as we wind down.  We ensure success by making sure this isn’t a one-time KT dump, but instead that everybody has a seat at the table and that Anaplan is involved every step of the way (though obviously not nearly as intensely or in the weeds during the implementation phase).


Hope that helps, happy to provide more details, this is one of the most important elements of customer success through their Anaplan journey so thanks for bringing it up!


-Chris Weiss
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