Re: Session 2 - London Meet up (Anaplan Modelers Forum UK)

Hi All, as promised below is a brief summary of what we covered in the second Anaplan Modelers Forum London Meetup (19/03/19)

Summary of Session 2

1) Brief introductions around the room

2) Roadmap presentation (Gary Leftwich)

  • Overview of new features and early Access capabilities
  • Workflow roadmap - Process based workflow and notifications
  • Tenant administration
  • New UX timelines and milestones
  • Re-imagining the user experience (capabilities/benefits) - Personalised UX / Faster load time / Better navigation
  • Mobile roadmap 2019 and features/use cases
  • Excel and Powerpoint Add-ins
  • Optimiser
  • Integration with Connectors, API / Client and Hyperconnect
  • Cloud security

3) San Francisco User Experience / Customer Experience team discussion (Natalie Wolf and Pam Polizzi)

  • Intro by guests: Natalie and Pam
  • The Anaplan platform - what works and what could be improved?
  • Feedback loops and what Anaplan does with the feedback – voting for issues/improvements
  • The role of Anaplan Customer Success BPs
  • Open discussion on other issues experienced with the Anaplan platform

4) Discussion: Mobile App features and practical uses (Paul Gallagher)

5) Discussion: Anaplan applications within our organisations and the barriers to connected planning (e.g. departmental siloes)

6) Making best use of the dedicated Anaplan Community space created for this Forum

7) Topics for the next London meetup?

  • Interactive discussion: Experiences of Anaplan within our organisations – our journeys so far?
  • How to improve the use of Anaplan across departments – breaking down the barriers to truly connected planning
  • Mobile App beta demo (Paul Gallagher)
  • Next steps – summary of today’s session (Yugnesh Patel)