Session 3 - London Meet up (Anaplan Modelers Forum UK)

Hi everyone, please can you let me know if you're available on either 12th or 13th June (6-8pm) for the next Anaplan Modelers Forum London meet up (session number 3). At the end of the last session we came up with the following list of agenda items with a specific focus on sharing our ideas and experiences of implementing Anaplan: 

  • Interactive discussion: Experiences of Anaplan within our organisations – journeys so far?
  • How to improve the use of Anaplan across departments – breaking down the barriers to enable truly connected planning
  • Anaplan solutions and stakeholders - focusing your efforts on the most effective use cases and keeping stakeholders happy
  • Mobile App beta demo (Paul Gallagher)

Please can each of you post a message on here with your availability as well as any agenda ideas or feedback for the next meet up.