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Re: Session 3 - London Meet up (Anaplan Modelers Forum UK)

Well done @Yugnesh.Patel,

12th is definitely a no-no for me, I will try and see if I could join on the 13th (not sure). As I'm commuting to London to work on  a project, Monday or Tuesday generally work better for me.


The agenda looks good to me : easy to fill the 2 hours with that agenda (depending on number of attendees?).


A few extra notes from me, for consideration : 


> Would it be possible to pencil the next few dates so that we could book our calendars in advance accordingly ? It should help keep the momentum going

> Are there any actions/updates following on from the previous session ? From memory the key one from me was around the Idea Exchange section, process, monitoring and speed of execution. Happy to articulate this separately, if it helps ? Is it worth allocating 15 minutes at the beginning of each session to go through this sort of things ? It might help with accountability, prep work, etc (for both us and Anaplan?)

> In line with what @Magali_Pelissier raised last time and how we can really tailor this group and make it very unique. How about a specific session on the new UX, but with a twist ? The starting assumption is that all of us could/should have access to the training material. How about Anaplan sharing specific updates on new features, best practices, learned lessons, etc ? And perhaps some of us showcasing what we have done so far ? 

> How about showcasing some dashboarding examples from our use cases ? Perhaps including things we are proud of and things we aren't so proud in order to capture thoughts and feedback on both? This could generate some interesting discussions and takeaways ?