Re: London based Anaplan modellers forum (with food, drinks and expertise included!)

Thanks for mentioning the Evening Modellers group idea at yesterday’s event Laurence!

Just to briefly introduce myself, my name is Yugnesh Patel and I’ve mainly been using Anaplan in the Financial Planning & Analysis space - I met a few of you yesterday however unfortunately I couldn’t stay long due to work commitments.

So to recap the idea here is to have a regular evening meet up where us modellers can network, share knowledge, work through real-world Anaplan problems and discuss ideas for getting more out of the platform within our companies. The overarching principle being to have a group “run by Anaplan modellers for the benefit of Anaplan modellers”. Having discussed it with a few people at Anaplan they have agreed to help support it by making available some technical expertise, office space and food and drinks.

Currently the plan is to get something setup for early in the new year however in the mean time I need to get feedback on who would be interested in participating - so far the following people have expressed an interest on this message board: Usman.Zia, NMoore, Richard.Buttivant, Joanne, Anaplan78 and Scorina.

Please could anyone else who is interested in participating post a quick message on this board – that way we can understand the level of interest and move the discussion on to things like format, agenda, dates etc.

Also if you have any colleagues who you think may be interested but aren't on this message board please can you tell them about it.