Re: London based Anaplan modellers forum (with food, drinks and expertise included!)

Happy 2019 everyone!

A number of you have shown an interest in being part of an Anaplan Modellers Forum and there have been some good ideas about proposed content and structure posted on the message board. However to move this forward it would be helpful if we could flesh out these ideas in real time - possibly one evening after work on a conference call or in person or a combination (for those not based in London).

The objective would be to build on the ideas mentioned and bring out new ones so we can create a group which is relevant and helpful for Anaplan modellers. If we can get 4-5 people involved initially I think we can start to build an agenda for the sessions and a peer group that we can learn from.

So far Usman and Joanne have volunteered to participate - is there anyone else who would be able to get involved?