Re: London based Anaplan modellers forum (with food, drinks and expertise included!)

Morning All, below are some of my ideas for agenda items for Wednesday evening:

1) Communications – How do we want to keep in touch going forward? (e.g. Linkedin group, Anaplan message board)

2) Group Name – Not very important but we could go with something like “Anaplan Modellers Forum” or any other suggestions?

3) How often do we want to meet? (e.g. every 6 weeks?)

4) What do each of us want to get out of the group?

5) Agree on some basic principles – e.g. this is a group for modellers by modellers (and so do we want to involve Anaplan partners and if so how?)

6) What resources do we want to utilise from Anaplan at these sessions and how? (e.g. tech specialists, product people)

7) What are each of our experiences of using Anaplan – what have each of us been using it for (e.g. FP&A, workforce planning), how long, how many modellers in your organisation etc

8) What level of Anaplan training do each of us have and how are we upskilling?

9) What would you like to use Anaplan for which you’re not currently able to – and what help do you need to do that?

10) What problems with the Anaplan platform have we encountered?

Also Joanne has suggested discussing how we deal with sparsity management and team structure (maintenance and on-going development). 

Please can everyone else also think about what they would like to cover and either post the ideas on this message board or bring them to the session.