Re: London based Anaplan modellers forum (with food, drinks and expertise included!)

Hi All, I’ve had a chance to speak to the Anaplan Team about planning the next London meet up and developing the Modelers Forum and I’ve got 3 updates I wanted to share with you:

1) Anaplan confirmed that the Customer Experience team from San Francisco will now be visiting on Tuesday 19th March (instead of 20th March). As this is a major element of the next meet-up we’ve decided to move the session to that date. (They’ve apologised for the back and forth on confirming this date)

2) Anaplan have said they are keen for us to utilise their platforms, so they have been developing a space on the existing Anaplan Community site just for the Anaplan Modelers Forum UK (which some of you have already registered for). This is not to replace the Linkedin group I set up as that is useful for professional networking. However going forward it would be helpful if everyone could now use the dedicated space for anything related to the Modelers Forum (we can discuss this at the next meet up).

3) The Anaplan Community manager has also setup a registration page for the London meet up sessions so they can better organise building passes etc. This is still in the development stages and we can discuss it at the next meet up.

Those are the 3 updates – please can you do the following:

1) Register for the dedicated space for the Anaplan Modelers Forum UK on the Community pages:

2) Please confirm whether you’ll be able to attend the next meet up session on the revised date of 19th March (6-8pm) at the Anaplan Kings Cross office. Please do this by either leaving a message on the thread I’ve started or register using the link Laurence posted.

3) Please think about agenda topics for the next meet up session and post them on the thread I’ve set up on the dedicated community page. So far, I’ve arranged for someone from Anaplan to speak about the Roadmap and for us to meet some of the Customer Experience team from San Francisco. But what else do you guys think needs addressing? Are there any burning topics you want to discuss?

Thanks, Yugnesh