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Anaplan's Impact on process change / reinvention

Hi All, I'm with Unum's FP&A area, and we are currently in the midst of our Anaplan implementation.  As model building persists, one item that is on many of our minds is that of process reinvention. 


Although its easy to see how Anaplan simplifies what is usually done in many strung together spreadsheets, Its important to re-think and reinvent the process and leverage the core strengths/functionalities that Anaplan brings to the table, rather than just plugging Anaplan into the old process. 


What are ways that you have gone about approaching the aspect of process redesign for your Anaplan projects and how do you best leverage Anaplan to ultimately create effeciencies in the FP&A process. I would love to hear some of your input. 


Thanks & I would be happy to connect offline!

Nate Burns