Certified Master Anaplanner

Re: Anaplan's Impact on process change / reinvention

Hi Nate,


It would be very difficult to capture everything in this message. Below are few pointers:


1) You can look at best practices in each specific area and try to incorporate most of them. There are tons of best practices in this community.

2) Start with a small POC and then move ahead in phases using Agile/Scrum way.

3)  Always start with end product in mind and work backwards. Replicate the final dashboards in excel spreadsheet and think what lists and modules are required for it.

4) Get your Models evaluated by Anaplan parters/experts at regular intervals for sparsity, calculation time, formula analysis, best practices etc.

5) Have a sandbox environment and download standard content for a specific scenario and explore how the models were buit. There are 100s of Apps for each functional area.


We started in Jan 2017 and went live recently after following most of the above recommendations. But still feel there is lot of scope for improvement. Learning is a continuous process .... known is a drop and unknown is a ocean :-)



Lokesh Nandula