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The salary planning app provides a suite of base salary analyses to support periodic reward planning initiatives, including pay modelling, equal pay analysis, market benchmarking and performance management. The app provides a starting point from which organizations can develop additional modelling functionality to support individual requirements.


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June 11th, 2015
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Model the impact of pay and grading structure changes
  • Define grading structures based on a range of job evaluation scores.
  • Load relevant benchmarking data by job family, grade and year. And use this data as the basis for setting your pay structure.
  • Define a pay structure based on the grading structure defined and aligned to the market data at any defined market point.
  • Enter salary progression assumptions to inform the model, including a merit matrix and annual increments by year and forecast version.
Performance management and modelling
  • Managers can set individual goals for their team, with approvals from team members and HR.
  • Performance inputs are reported back to HR and line managers to support managers in defining the annual staff performance ratings. These ratings are then used to inform the modelling results based on the defined merit matrix.
Equal Pay Analyses
  • Equal Pay Analyses are provided over the pay data showing equity by group and individual.
  • Currently Gender is the only protected characteristic in the model but this can be extended easily to include other characteristics such as Age, or Ethnicity.
Pay Modelling
  • Detailed pay modelling analyses are provided by payee and job family.
  • Modelling assumptions can be adjusted on the fly to understand the impact of changes to key drives such as benchmark salary, grading boundaries, and pay structure boundaries.
  • Versioning allows multiple versions of driver assumptions to be tested and compared.
Pay Benchmarking
  • Pay Benchmarking analysis shows payee salary compared to market, based on the desired job family market position.
  • Pay Benchmarking analysis shows payee salary by job family compared to market, based on the desired job family and market position.
  • Ranking reports identify top and lowest paid employees by team and job family.


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