IT Financial Management and Cost Transparency (US)

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Leading IT organizations view themselves as a service providers, striving to meet the needs of their business partners across multiple areas including applications, infrastructure, communications, projects, and the like. However, in many cases the finance processes used to capture, allocate, and analyze IT costs have not kept pace with the maturation of the IT operating model. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, for the IT function to provide transparent cost reporting to the business and have meaningful planning conversations based on desired service levels and other cost drivers. The PwC IT Financial Management (ITFM) & Cost Transparency app helps embed leading practices into your ITFM processes and improve process efficiency, cost transparency, and IT financial planning. The app helps automate the core processes needed to build-up unit costs for discrete IT services tailored your company’s specific IT service catalog. The app also supports allocation or chargeback of IT costs to the appropriate business target based on the methodology you define. The app also provides powerful tools to plan and analyze IT costs across multiple scenarios. Leverage the PwC IT Financial Management (ITFM) & Cost Transparency app to help build a better working relationship with your business partners, have more meaningful IT cost conversations, and clearly articulate the value you deliver to the business.


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December 14th, 2015
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Leading practice accelerators
  • IT chart of accounts – Generic leading practice IT chart of accounts that can be quickly customized to your specific business
  • IT service catalog – Several IT service catalog items common across most businesses are included to accelerate service catalog build-out
  • Resource units – Pick lists with common resource units used for chargebacks and allocations
  • Chargeback methods – Pick lists with leading practice chargeback methods for IT services
  • Service cost build-up methodologies – Pre-built structures for developing service cost build-ups
Process automation
  • Receives data – Receives financial & operational data from multiple sources, as needed, to enable IT financial management processes
  • Calculates IT service costs – Runs pre-defined logic to build-up IT services costs in a transparent and repeatable manner
  • Automates chargebacks / allocations – Performs calculations necessary for automated processing of chargebacks / allocations
IT financial reporting
  • Provides IT cost reporting – Efficiently generates standard IT cost reports to provide sight line to IT resource unit consumption, unit costs, etc.
  • Models IT costs – Supports IT financial planning by enabling modeling of IT costs across different scenarios and assumptions
IT budgeting
  • Models IT costs – Supports IT budgeting and financial planning by enabling modeling of IT costs across different scenarios and assumptions

What's new

December 14th, 2015
  • Calculates IT service costs
  • Automates chargebacks / allocations
  • Provides IT cost reporting
  • Models IT costs
  • IT chart of accounts
  • IT service catalog
  • Resource units


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