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This model from Spaulding Ridge will change the way you launch, setup, and maintain hierarchies in Anaplan. The hierarchy wizard applies best practices to hierarchy building that speeds up the process of generating multi-level relationships, reduces limitations caused by bad data, and streamlines data communication between IT and the business owners.



Launch your project faster
  • Pre-built, plug and play hierarchies allow you to skip the "hierarchy setup" user stories, or significantly cut down the hours needed for customization and UAT
  • Generate and receive a standardized template for all hierarchy-based data requests
  • Build hierarchies at the click of one button without the need to re-build chain-driven imports across each hierarchy
Move past bad-data limitations and generate balanced hierarchies
  • Import up to 5 levels and 1000 items per hierarchy based on current model setup (this can be built out further if additional levels are required)
  • Utilize pre-designed and pre-tested logic that balances out any unbalanced hierarchies. An unbalanced hierarchy is a hierarchy in which certain items in that hierarchy do not have complete mappings from the lowest level child to the highest level parent
  • No longer let "bad data" hold up the project build status with ongoing back and forth communication to settle data discrepancies
Give end users greater hierarchy flexibility
  • Allow end users to load, edit, manage, and manipulate hierarchies with a clean front end user interface
  • Standardize data request processes and data loads around one accepted template
Manage sales hierarchy within Anaplan
  • Segregate hierarchy types within the wizard in order to flexibly design and deploy your ideal planning hierarchy (i.e. the sales hierarchy for a sales org from the region to the rep level)
  • Understand when you should be utilizing some of Anaplan's innate hierarchy functionality vs when you should load source data
  • This lets you quickly pivot and move around groupings and levels without losing the relational integrity of your driver hierarchies imported into the wizard
Streamlined Data Load Template
  • One of the biggest challenges in building hierarchies is aligning the business owners and the IT teams on how the data should look
  • This app comes with a best practice template that you can download and use as the standard load template for all hierarchy data requests


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