All-In Survivor Pool - Pro Football

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A connected planning spin on a classic office "survivor" pool -- each player picks one winning team per week and cannot pick the same team more than once. This Allitix All-In Survivor Pool for Prof Football integrates seamlessly into your office's Anaplan workspace. Just install and add users from your existing security. It's that simple!



Contestant Entry Dashboard
  • Players enter their picks here, and are able to view schedule as well as remaining teams available.
Entry Results Dashboard
  • Players can track their picks and results against the entire contestant pool.
Administration Dashboard
  • Pool manager can add contestants from their security model as well as choose which week to start from. In addition, their is "Lock" option to prevent users from changing their picks - prior to kickoff of the first game each week.
Start Week Option
  • Season already started and you're late to the game? No problem. The pool manager can choose a later week in the season to start from so you can still enjoy a fun challenge with plenty of weeks of football to choose from.


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