Retail Budgeting and Productivity

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This app is designed to make the process of monthly budgeting in a retail environment both more efficient and more accurate. This forecasting tool will use prior year sales information, combined with current productivity and sales growth goals to create individual store budgets with both daily sales and hour figures. It will also take into account holiday periods and provide an additional breakout, in order to provide a more detailed view for forecasting. When tracking the current month budget, this app will compare budget vs actuals in order to predict whether each store will hit their monthly sales and productivity goals. It will then adjust future daily sales and hour forecasts to project more realistic figures based on actuals for the current month. Detailed reporting is also included, at store, district, multi-district, and division/regional levels.


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September 29th, 2016
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Leverage Historical Data
  • Load prior year sales information to be used for budgeting in the current year, as well as YOY trend analysis and reporting
Forecast Monthly Budgets
  • Using prior year actuals, sales growth trends and productivity goals, this app will forecast daily sales and hour amounts in the current year
Detailed Holiday Planning
  • Holidays are broken out on the store budgeting dashboard in order to provide a more detailed view of sales trends by day of the week
Productivity Goal Setting
  • Budgeted hours will be calculated based on a productivity metric set by the store, in order to help keep stores on track to reach their monthly productivity goal
In-Month Forecasting
  • Stores can input their actual daily sales and hours in the Current Month Budget dashboard, which forecasts out the rest of the month to clearly show if the store is on track to meet their budget and productivity goal
Multi-Level Reporting
  • Detailed and specialized reporting is provided at Store, District Manager, Director, and Division levels

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