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Anaplan understands that many non-profits, government agencies, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions need a solution to plan against the ever-changing variables that impact their businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community of Master Anaplanners has created some pre-built applications to help you as you work in the Anaplan Platform. This should give you tips and tricks as well as ideas you can apply to your business.

Highlights of App

What is it

  • This is a model built specifically to track FEMA disaster recovery expenditures in the United States for eligible applicants catered to COVID-19 Category B Public Assistance for Governmental and other eligible entities. During a crisis, tracking expenditures at the level of detail required by FEMA regulation is a common pain point for organizations. The priority of these entities is to deliver service to the community when and where it is critically needed. This model serves to provide an easy way to accumulate cost data and ensure that necessary information is added to each expense transaction without adding any additional unnecessary burden to service providers.


  • Ability to track and classify expenditures at the transactional level in accordance with FEMA process PA grant funding according to the required types of work categories
  • Model is catered to COVID-19 Category B Public Assistance for Governmental Entities but is easily applicable to other eligible FEMA applicants and can be expanded for use with other disasters (hurricane season is fast approaching)
  • Analytics in real-time of expenditures by category
  • Templates are included allowing organizations to easily upload their organizational and account structures as well as configure their disaster events and internal event tracking projects
  • In this update:
    • Detailed workflows to guide users through initial configuration, data uploads and event tracking activities
    • Enter FEMA activity logs directly into the model while in the field using the NUX mobile app, on a PC or through mass spreadsheet upload
    • Enter equipment usage into activity logs for immediate equipment usage reimbursement rate calculation and analysis in real-time
    • Track workforce and operating expenditures across departments with advanced filtered views
    • Advanced analytics quantified by department, category and internal project ID
    • Export itemized reports for review and reimbursement submission

Who benefits

  • Eligible FEMA applicants include states, federally recognized tribal governments (including Alaska Native villages and organizations so long as they are not privately owned), U.S. territories, local governments, and certain private non-profit (PNP) organizations.


    Efforts were taken in the design of this model to make it easily accessible not only to current Anaplan customers, but also to users who may not otherwise be familiar with the Anaplan platform.

Model Builders


  • Name: Sarah Roberts  @SRoberts 
  • Title(s): Management Analyst, Master Anaplanner
  • Company: City of Tallahassee


Number of roles 3
Size    24.4 MB
Modules    29

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This application was updated on May 21, 2020. 

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