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The rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to a need for better resource planning across areas like health care, sanitation, law and order etc. and optimal distribution to ensure the administration is better prepared to deal with the possible future scenarios.

EY’s COVID-19 resource planning tool has been launched to help the administration and authorities to better plan resources across departments by providing forecast on Covid impact basis defined input parameters.

The output of a pandemic model (Python based) is used as input into Anaplan tool.

The pandemic model output would provide number of:

  • Susceptible
  • Infected
  • Critical
  • Deaths
  • Recovered

Web link for SIR/SEIR model: https://eysirtool.azurewebsites.net/


    • 90 days/26 weeks forward looking plan
    • Scenario based plans (Base scenario, optimistic, pessimistic)
    • Dates when supply will be shortfall
    • Leading warning signals
    • Analytic dashboard
    • For hospital and health department resources:
    • Hospitals and beds (Beds and ventilators)
    • Doctors, junior doctors and Nursing staff. Rapid onboarding of volunteers and retirees
    • Testing Kits
    • Places and staff for funeral services
    • Staff, equipment's and water supplies for city sanitization

Who Benefits

  • State/regional health administrative authority

  • Hospital authority

Model Builders

Please allow up to 3 business days for access approval


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