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The app enables organizations to plan their development and growth opportunities for creating long-term value for an organization for their customers, markets and relationships. Organizations are provided with an ability to define their brand and marketing objectives, add new brand marketing investment (BMI) activities for varied opportunities for different state and brand combinations, and plan their BMI expenses being incurred to accomplish the activity. Additionally, the app also helps in simplifying the BMI expense planning process on the basis of business channels and marketing tools selected for a particular activity, and in generation of dashboards for calculating promotion effectiveness and reconciling the actual spends.



Maintenance of masters through dashboards
  • Capability to add/delete/modify brand and marketing objectives to be used while building the brand marketing investment plan, through a convenient and accessible end user dashboard.
BMI activity creation
  • Ability to create a new BMI activity with the click of a button, while populating the activity name dynamically through user selectable fields of state and brand. This maps the created activity to a particular state and brand combination.
BMI activity initiation
  • The initiation process involves setting up brand/marketing objectives, channels and marketing tools for each created BMI activity and planning for the annual BMI spend.
  • The brand and marketing objectives are mutually exclusive, thus giving users an option to have multiple activities for state and brand combinations catering to unique amalgamations of brand and marketing objectives.
Allocation of annual planned BMI expenses to months
  • BMI expenses planned for each activity on annual bases are allocated to the selected months based on the start and end month, which is provided by the user.
Navigation to different planning dashboards from a single action button
  • Selecting a BMI activity and clicking on the single navigation button takes users to different expense planning dashboards depending upon the marketing tool set up for that selected activity.
Varied BMI expense planning based on selected marketing tool(s)
  • Ability to perform detailed expense planning varying by the marketing tool selected for a particular BMI activity. Parameters being used and planning process differ by marketing tools, e.g., In-shop Visibility
  • Marketing tool uses outlet classification for planning BMI expenses, whereas Events Marketing tool depends on the types of events being conducted.
State-/brand-/brand objective-/marketing objective-wise total BMI expense calculation
  • Expenses planned at different marketing tools level for varied activities get aggregated and categorized by states, brands as well as brand and marketing objectives. Various cuts of data are available to have a clear picture and visibility.
Summarised BMI plan dashboarding
  • Simplified dashboards with tables and charts to have a clear-cut picture of the complete BMI plan providing channel and state-wise summary for different marketing and business objectives.


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