Incentive Compensation Admin and Quota Planning

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ZS Associates has developed a demonstration environment to illustrate Anaplan’s capabilities in an Incentive Compensation app. The demo is tailored to key stakeholders in IC Admin such as the Sales Rep, Sales Manager, and Sales Ops Users and shows the flexibility and robust nature of Anaplan.


Business Function
SalesTerritory & Quota PlanningIncentive Compensation PlanningSales Forecasting
Medical Device ManufacturingProfessional Services
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December 15th, 2014
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  • Allows integration of the different components of Incentive Compensation (Sales Forecasting, Quota Setting, IC Plan Design, and IC Admin to be located in one tool and administrated by a singular team. Eliminates the need to switch between siloed platforms (Ex. JAMs for alignment and Excel for IC Plan Design) which benefit the entire hierarchy.
  • This tight integration means any change made in one of the components (Ex. Quotas, Plan Assignment) will immediately flow through to the other components and display the recalculated data (Ex. Sales Dashboards). This reduces rework and errors compared to updating each component individually.
  • Anaplan unifies data and interconnects plans to give trust and visibility into the planning process. Users can audit, trace and manage all the data in conjunction with business rules and users which results in a consistent story between data and plans.
What if Scenarios
  • Results are mapping to projections and business decisions are backed by accurate test scenarios using the “What If” simulation models for quotas, plans, account assignments, etc.
Learning Curve
  • Cell based workspaces and ‘Excel like’ formulas imitate familiar Microsoft tools or ease of use for model builders and administrators. Anaplan offers “On Demand” online trainings allowing people to learn on their own schedule.


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