Incentive Compensation Health Check

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ZS’s Incentive Compensation Health Check app allows you to quickly assess the health and performance of your compensation plans on the basis of fairness and motivation. Compensation plans can become ineffective due to changes in sales processes, organizational structure, or market conditions.


For these reasons, best-in-class firms assess the health of their compensation plans on a regular basis. Ensuring that your compensation plans are optimized will provide several benefits including improved company morale, improved pay for performance, reduced turnover, and increased overall sales performance. The free version of this app is available for download from the App Hub. To get the paid version, please contact us at


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SalesTerritory & Quota PlanningIncentive Compensation Planning
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July 29th, 2015
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Distribution Analysis
  • Review your goal attainment distribution, investigate outliers, and assess your distribution of territory size to identify potential workload and coverage issues
Fairness & Accuracy
  • Assess your compensation plans for bias on the basis of territory size and review your overall quota setting accuracy (available in paid version)
Payout Curve Simulator
  • Compare your payout curve to industry standards, investigate outliers, and simulate what your payout curve would look like under scenario global attainment levels (available in paid version)
Pay Level & Mix Benchmarking
  • Compare both pay level and mix, by sales role, to industry benchmarks (available in paid version)
Anaplan Functionality Utilized
  • Percentile Calculation
  • Regression Calculation
  • Histograms
  • Simulation & Scenario Analysis
  • Compensation Tier Calculations
  • Standard Deviation
  • Rank Within Grouping


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