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This App is a generic model inspired from a solution implemented in one car part manufacturer (40 plants across 20 countries). It calculates the costs and sets the selling prices of parts, to establish eventually the commercial quotation to the client.
The App calculates the quotation of parts in one industrial setting, and monitor the overall financial profitability of the project.
The quotation process offered in this App is truly collaboration oriented (different roles corresponding to Quote leader, Purchase Leader, Sales leader, Project Controller…). Different scenarios (versions) are easily created and compared, which let assess different operational alternatives, to enable an optimized and reliable process.
The main outcomes of such App are to increase the confidence and reliability of calculated costs and be able to set aggressive selling prices, while preserving the interests and profitability of the company at the same time. It avoids the management of multiple excel files as all projects and versions are centralized and shared on a same platform.
This App can be easily connected to a costing software to send the budget by project and import actual figures for comparisons.



3 steps Process: RFQ, Quotation and Project in Development
  • All coming incoming requests for Quotations are registered. Those that are considered worthwhile to pursue are quoted (“Go” decision).
  • Once quoted and approved by management, the commercial proposition is established and sent to the client. If the quotation is awarded, it becomes a project in Development.
List of Projects, along with their Scenarios
  • List of all projects at Quotation Stage. One project is selected and all its “scenarios” appears on the right.
  • One scenario must be selected, as all costs and sales element are defined within one Scenario. A scenario can be copied to create a new version, where all data can be changed.
Volume and Parts Creation
  • The Client Volumes are input (number of cars in this example), from SOP (Start of Production) to SOP+9 (up to 10 years of Production).
  • The parts being quoted are created and each of them is assigned to the different versions of cars, to calculate the number of parts to produce and include in the Quotation.
The Bill Of Materials
  • Each Part may have several Semi Finished Parts made in one Production Plant each.
  • The BOM includes all Components and Materials the Parts and Semi Finished Parts are made of.
The Operation Synoptic
  • All Bill Off Materials (BOM) items are called back to be assigned to one process to build the Semi Finished Parts.
  • Machine and Labor time is typed in and the total cost of the BOM item is calculated (Purchase cost, Machine Cost, Labor Cost), rolling up to the Part cost.
The Part Cost Break Down
  • The Part Cost is broken down into each cost element, and various currencies.
Design and Tooling Mean Sales: Cash and Tokens
  • Design & Tooling Means are sold either in Cash (up 5 payment terms) or by Token. When The amount sold by token is sold along with the parts. The token amount is assigned to one specific part or a set of parts, over a defined number of parts.
The Business Case
  • The Business Case includes the yearly P&L and Cash Flow statements, and covers up to 13 years (3 years prior to SOP (Start of Production) and up to 10 years of Production (SOP to SOP+9)
The Management Dashboard
  • It is a summary of all key elements of the Business Case.


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