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Tracking the status and driving to deadlines through the innovation cycle is always a challenge. Utilizing stages and gates is a best practice. This model allows the user to track individual projects as well as the entire portfolio from conception to launch.
The model has a built-in configuration engineer to enable the admin to choose steps within the stage to fit your process. These can be customized into standard workflows, e.g., a completely new innovation or a simple model extension. Throughout the NPI process, the model helps track and document critical decisions and drive accountability to a timeline. Additionally, this model can be integrated with other models such as innovation forecasting.



Executive dashboard
  • In a single view, the user can see the status of all of the projects under their purview.
Product innovation dashboard
  • A specific product dashboard shows the critical criteria to each stage.
Built-in and customizable stages, gates, and tasks
  • Out-of-the-box, the model has predefined stages, gates, and tasks. These can all be modified, deleted, or new ones added.
  • A task configurator allows the administrator to quickly select and start a project based on predefined stage and task requirements for the type of NPI project (e.g., new innovation or product extension.)
Task modules and dashboards
  • Built-in modules and dashboards covering 29 critical stage tasks are included (examples: Define Customer Pain, Assess Overall Market Opportunity, Finalize Business Case, Finalize Logistics Plan).
  • The task dashboards facilitate required analytics, tracking, and accountability. They can be linked to additional more in-depth models such as Innovation Forecasting.
  • Owners are assigned to each task and stage along with auto-calculated completion dates. This can be used to drive alerts and accountability.
  • The swim lane view of the Tasks and Stages shows department ownership.
Repository and historian
  • The modules are built to capture and report critical decision criteria creating a record for future reference.
  • Links can be included to client data warehouses for presentations, spreadsheets, and other files user will need.
Configurable user access
  • Control to information by field or module can be set by the administrator.
Integration to other models
  • Each of the Task Dashboards can be linked to more in-depth modules such as Innovation Forecasting.


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