Pharma Demand Planning

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This Pharma Demand Planning app starts with the forecast of finished goods (FG) to net requirements and breaks that down to the lowest level in the bill of material (BoM), the net requirements of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Net requirement calculations take into account stock positions, order quantities, and other ordering controls.


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November 12th, 2014
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  • The process starts with planners’ finished goods (FG) demand forecast then incorporates stock level FG, independent demand, obsolete batches, order quantities, and calculates net requirements for the finished goods.
  • The finished good net requirements are extended down to the next levels in the bill of material (BoM) where the same calculations are repeated for raw materials down to the last levels, which include the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  • Based on the net requirements on each level of the BoM, a production schedule is generated based on batch sizes, order quantities, safety stocks, and other parameters.
  • This app provides an end-to-end demand planning overview, by only forecasting the finished goods and using automated calculations that extrapolate inventory needs throughout the bill of material for all products.
  • The app takes into account global product hierarchy considerations that affect local SKUs (per country) that need to be converted to global SKUs.

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