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Write-off costs can quickly add up when exiting SKUs from your portfolio. Sudden exits create large sunk costs from the disposition of raw materials and finished goods inventories. Minimizing these costs takes great coordination between the procurement, manufacturing, distributor, marketing, and forecasting teams.
The SKU Optimization - Exit app allows companies to plan transfers, exit dates, raw materials conversions, and sales across regions.
The App shows each SKUs projected burn down and write off by date. In addition, it provides a summary for write offs across all the products during that period for budget planning.



Connect with “SKU Optimization – Identification” App
  • After deciding which SKUs to retire and where in the "SKU Optimization - Identification" app, import the decisions to this app with the click of a button. This continues the SKU optimization process with minimal setup time.
Add and Organize Key Exit Info
  • Easily connect marketing contract dates, demand forecasts, and regional inventory levels so that exit dates and decisions can be made with all the important information on hand. As a result, decisions can be made with confidence for all SKUs and regions.
Cycle Setup
  • The app allows you to customize goals for each exit cycle's budget and deadlines. The rest of the exit process references these, controlling the amount of sunk costs, or "Write-Offs", resulting from exiting SKUs.
Key Exit Decisions
  • Minimizing exit costs requires you to coordinate inventory transfers between retiring and retaining regions, convert raw materials to finished goods before exit dates, and choose final exit dates that make the most sense to the overall business. All these decisions can be made in this app and summarized for the final stages of the exit process
Understand Projected Impact of Each Decision
  • As each decision is made, see how the write-off are expected to change as the dashboard immediately updates the projections. Changes are shown for overall portfolio as well as for each SKU and region.
PowerPoint Connection
  • Once exit decisions are made, export them in a format that is easy to send with the Anaplan add-in for PowerPoint.


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