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SKU Optimization is never easy for any company. Usually, it is only considered when Supply Chain succumbs to the weight of a bloated portfolio, and then it often requires a large “spring cleaning” event. The best organizations routinely review their portfolios and reach consensus with input from all stakeholders.
This app handles the calculations and provides the forum to review the quantitative SKU performance with the qualitative insights from Marketing, Supply Chain, Sales, and the Independent Distributors. By showing the right stakeholders the right metrics on each SKU, recommendations can be made in less time and with more confidence. This allows organizations to make final decisions with all stakeholders included. The resulting decisions can be a simple retain/retire or this app enables a regionalization approach to SKU optimization/retirement.



“Review and Recommend” Workflow Enabled
  • Stakeholders can be assigned to specific roles, products, or responsibilities driving their tasks and interface within the app. Metrics can be automatically filtered down to what matters most to them. This facilitates their informed recommendation with expediency. Teams can include different roles and functions, such as overall supply chain teams, regional sales teams, specialized distributors, and more.
  • User interface design focuses on providing the correct amount of information on each screen and exact instructions for users to quickly understand and complete deliverables. Color-coded formatting alerts users whenever a section still needs to be filled out. Dashboards can be easily adjusted to show the metrics that are important to specific organizations and teams. Uploaded data can be further analyzed to show KPIs, trends, and performance categories so stakeholders can see the right amount of insights before recommending to retain or to retire.
Quantitative and Qualitative
  • The model is set up for the easy import of connection to sources providing data for metrics such as volumes, sales, profits, and write-offs. These are then used to calculate the SKUs relative performance and portfolio impact analysis. At each stage the contributing stakeholder will provide their voice and reasons for the decisions to retain or retire.
Flag Process for Final Decision Confirmation
  • After decisions are made, an optional process can be initiated to see if any stakeholders need to flag a decision because of major concerns in their area.
Structured Workflow for Entire SKU Identification Process
  • The SKU Optimization Identification app is set up to facilitate the process of selecting underperforming SKUs to review, showing these SKUs to key stakeholders, getting their input, making final decisions based on their input, and allowing for teams to flag final decisions that would create serious problems within their domain.
Configurable User Access
  • The project manager can create and assign roles to users in different departments and regions for internal and external controlled access. This results in getting information from and sending reports to the right people with security and ease.


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