Supply Demand Optimization (APS & S&OP)

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App designed to support advanced S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) and APS (Advance Planning & Scheduling) challenges. Solution allows business to determines a detailed production plan and the distribution plan across a complex network and inventory at the finished goods level. This app integrated native Gurobi optimization within the Anaplan platform.
End to End Analytics will work with customer to enable customer specific constraints and optimization requirements. Solution can take into consideration complex variables and business objectives based on industry and customer specific needs.
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Plant, Line and DC Level Optimization
  • Recommended supply at DC level to cover forecasted sales and safety stock.
Flexible Time Horizons
  • Time horizon (flexible) is between 10 and 52 weeks, helping tactical and strategical company decisions. Can be adjusted to cover the lead times of the operations (distribution lead times, MRP lead times, etc.)
Gurobi Based Mathematical Optimization
  • APS uses mathematical optimization (via Gurobi imbedded engine) to determine the best solution. Optimization variables can be adjusted to suit the customers needs. Sample app solves the optimal production plan by [production line]/[plant]/[SKU] by each week and optimizes on service level & profit (minimizing lost sales).
Configurable Constraints & Considerations
  • Detailed Considerations/Constraints:
    • Production not sourced by plant is considered as lost sales
    • Objective function attempts to minimize the total lost sales value
    • Optimal plans guarantees feasibility (line capacity and warehouse capacity)


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