Lookup on Parent elements

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Lookup on Parent elements

ello anaplan Community, Hello anaplan Support, we stumbled upon a problem that seems to us like a functional error of anaplan. Example Setup: List "List_A":

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

List "List_B"

  • a
    • aa
    • bb
  • b
  • c
  • d
  • e

Module "Module_A" Lists: "List_A" Line-Items:

  • Value_B: Formula: B_Module.Value[LOOKUP: Lookup_B]
  • Lookup_B: Format: List_B

Module "Module_B" Lists: "List_B" Line-Items:

  • Value


  • I Want to push the values fetch the values from "Module_B" in "Module_A" using the Line-Item Item.
  • If i want to get a child element it works.
  • If i want a parent element it does not work and shows a zero.

This works: This does not work: I already found a workaround for my problem. But it is a workaround and i try to avoid workarounds.

  • Why does my approach fail?
  • Is it an error in anaplan or is the functinality disabled on purpose?

Thank you very much in advance for an answer. See you on the next anaplan hub Moritz Knorr (AXA Germany)


RE: Lookup on Parent elements

Hi Moritz Unfortunately the images you have included do not show up here - you need to add them as attachments. Great that you have found a workaround! Interested to see what you had to do and if the community would suggest any alternative solutions. Regards Kirsty
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RE: Lookup on Parent elements

Hi Kirsty, thank you, that you want to help! :) Here is a link to the whole post as a pdf, since the images are working on my smartphone and colleagues computer. https://moritzknorr.de/anaplan.pdf Cheers
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RE: Lookup on Parent elements

Is anyone able to help me with this topic? 😞

RE: Lookup on Parent elements

Hi Moritz, Have you tried to use SUM instead of LOOKUP? I think it's a more natural and flexible approach, not a workaround. Instead of using a "Lookup_B" line item in your target module, try to create a "Sum_A" line item in your source module, and then retrieve the values with Value_B=B_Module.Value[SUM: B_Module.Sum_A] Hope this helps Regards Jérémie