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The following is a guide for the new Statistical Forecasting Calculation Engine Models (monthly and weekly). It includes enablement videos, practice data import exercise, model documentation, and specific steps when using the model for implementations

1. Enablement Videos & Practice Exercise

# Item Details Link
1a Intro and Overview Video Model overview and review of new key features. Video Below
1b Initial Model & Data Import Steps Steps on how to setup model, product hierarchy, customer list and multi-level forecast analysis.  Video Below 
1c Practice Exercise—Import data to setup stat forecast Two sets of load files included to practice setup for single level product set or multi-level product set w/ customers, product and brand level. 
Start on "Initial App Setup" dashboard and load either Single OR Multi Level files into model, and use Import video as guide if needed. 
.Zip File Attached 

2. Documentation 

# Item Details Link
2a Lucidchart Process Maps
Lucidchart Process Map document includes High-Level process flow for end-user navigation and detailed tabs for each section. 
**Details & links also on "Training & Enablement" dashboard.
Process Maps 
2b High-Level Process Map PDF High-level process map PDF format. Attached
2c Forecast Methods PDFs
  1. High-level version with forecast algorithms list and overview.
  2. Detailed version which includes a slide for each forecast method, method overview, advantages/disadvantages, equation and graph example output. 
**These slides are also included on "Forecast Methods Overview & Formulas" dashboard.



3. Implementation Specifics

# Item Details
3a Training & Enablement Dashboard Training & Enablement dashboard contains details on process map navigation. 
3b Initial Model Setup  Initial Setup: current model staged with chocolate data from data hub, execute CLEAR MODEL action prior to loading customer-specific data.
3c Changing Model Time Scale—align Native & Dynamic Time Settings If a Time Settings change is required, need to review Initial App Setup dashboard to align Native Time with Dynamic Time setup in model. 
3d Monthly Update Process After initial setup, use Monthly Data History Upload dashboard to update prior period actuals and settings .
3e Single Level vs. Multi-Level Forecast Setup Two implementation options & when to use: 
  1. Single Level Forecast: Forecast at one level of product hierarchy (i.e. all stat forecasts calculated at Item level). Most use cases will leverage single level forecast setup.
  2. Multi-Level Forecast: Ability to forecast at different levels of the product hierarchy (i.e. Top Item | Customers, Item and Brand level can all have stat forecast generated). This requires a complex forecast reconciliation process, review "Multi-Level Forecast Overview" dashboard if this process is needed. 
 3f Troubleshooting Tips Follow troubleshooting tips on Training & Enablement dashboard if having issues with stat forecast generating before reaching out for support.
 3g Model Notes & Documentation Module Notes—includes DISCO classification and module purpose. 
 3h "Do Not Modify" Items Module notes contain DO NOT MODIFY for items that should not be changed during the implementation process.
 3i User Roles & Selective Access

Demo, Demand Planner, Demand Planning Manager roles can be adjusted 

After Selective Access process run on Flat List Management dashboard; then users can be given access to certain product groups/brands etc.

3j Batch Processing

Details on daily batch processing and how to prepare a roadmap of your batch processes – files, queries, import actions/processes in Anaplan (see attachment).

4. Videos

  • Intro & Model Intro and Overview Video.

  • Data Import and Setup Steps. 

5. Model Download Links

The content in this article has not been evaluated for all Anaplan implementations and may not be recommended for your specific situation.
Please consult your internal administrators prior to applying any of the ideas or steps in this article.

Good Morning,


Seem to be have trouble using the link to download this app to my workspace, keep getting an error message 'illegal Argument'. Anybody else currently having this problem?




Hi Charles, 


I've checked this and it works for me, maybe your workspace is at capacity?





@charlesNti have seen this issue for a few other people, if you email they can help you get the model into your workspace. 

@charlesNtiI didn't have any issues as well with downloading this model

Hi all,


I am Charles' co-worker. 


Thank you all for your help. I just want to point out that we tried to download it with either Chrome and Firefox (both, regular and incognito/ private navigation mode) on top of Microsoft Edge, and the issue persists. 


Our WS is only 3% full, so there should be enough space for this app. 


EDIT: Finally, the only way to get the models in our WS was raising a ticket to the suppor team, and they got it all sorted. So, thanks Simon Stevens for downloading these models in our WS. 




When checking the Source Models and Import Data Sources there are two other models listed.


Do I need to download and manage those as well?

@TGagnon no those models are not needed. The model is already staged with generic data or you can clear and import a new data set from .csv files following the data setup process if needed. 

There is no content on the dashboard called 'Single Level Final Forecast Export'

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