2022 is an exciting year for the Anaplan Community!

Community Manager

This year, we find ourselves looking ahead and envisioning the art of the possible for the Anaplan Community. Everything in life must evolve and grow. Growth is not something that just comes in the form of a number—like having over 74,000 members of the Community—growth supports customer value in creating change that allows us to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Since the inception of the Anaplan Community, we as the Anaplan Community team have been focused on building and growing a space where model builders, like all of you, can come to learn, engage, and connect. While members have come and gone from our team, our goals and focus have always been to provide all of you with a space that serves those needs both online and in person. 

We keep that resolve alive today and continue to make that our primary mission. With the ideas of evolving and growth in mind, we begin a new phase of what the Anaplan Community can and will be.  

It's said, that great communities begin and end with their members but really, what does that mean? 

It means, we see the value that all of you provide for this community and how much you put your time and effort into its continued growth that we have seen up to this point. You contribute ideas and thoughts that have allowed us to really begin to envision what this means for the Anaplan Community as a whole. 

Now is the time to begin to turn this Community over to you, the members. We envision a community that not only serves the needs that you have but represents and is represented by you as members. It means more opportunities for you to become Community Bosses, more opportunities to be the experts that share your knowledge with others, to connect, and truly create your Anaplan professional network, and more opportunities to become trusted superheroes of your community.  

This is your community, and we want to make sure that your ideas and your expertise are the foundation for growth and evolution. We look forward to building the opportunities and spaces for your voices to become the forefront of the Anaplan Community, and so much more. What are you looking forward to this year? Tell us in the comments below!