Get to Know the Community Team: Emily Dunn

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In the coming months, you'll meet the entire Community team and hear about our favorite planning tips and Community features. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask the team, feel free to share them in the comments section below! 

Today we're highlighting our Community Product Manager, Emily Dunn!

Emily_Blog_1.jpgWhat Do You Do at Anaplan?

I’ve been told that “stuff and things” is an acceptable answer. No? Okay, officially, I’m the Product Manager for the Anaplan Community. I work with our technology vendors and the amazing Community team to continuously improve our user journey in the Community. I’ve been working on the Community since I started with Anaplan in 2014, so I’ve pretty much done every job on the Community team.

What Is Your Planning Style?

My husband would tell you I’m an over-planner. I consider myself a detail-oriented, thoughtful planner. I like to start with a big-picture—what is the objective? If you don’t have an overall objective, it’s difficult to get to the actions and details.

Do You Have Any Favorite Planning Tips?

Oh, this is a great question. After you’ve got your objective(s) and actions, it’s time to get into the details and start planning. This is when I create lists, all kinds of lists. Lists are your friend. Not only do they help you organize your tasks, but they also relieve stress and help you truly focus. Besides, who doesn’t secretly enjoy putting a checkmark next to a task or to-do?!

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Favorite Aspect of Working at Anaplan and Your Job:

Hands down, the people. We were small when I started and there has always been a focus on hiring talented and passionate people. Our Community team, in particular, is my favorite group of people. Some might say I’m biased, but our team is excited to be part of—we have fun and GSD (get stuff done). We are passionate about the Anaplan Community and making it the destination for Connected Planning.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 9.39.10 AM.pngWhat Does Community Mean to You?

Community is about connecting people and knowledge in the moment of need. It may not be a conscious thought, but we reach out to our communities every day. Whether you are trying to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, looking for that one code snippet to complete your project or the most efficient way to calculate and plan for incentive compensation. Communities offer endless ways to connect, be inspired, and share knowledge.

What Should Users Expect From the Anaplan Community?

It’s extraordinary to see how much the Anaplan Community has evolved over the last few years. Our leadership truly believes in our Community and the powerful connections we are enabling for our customers, partners, and employees. The team is excited to continue improving the online experience, enhance and extend the in-person community connections, and deliver content and knowledge relevant to Connected Planning and the Anaplan platform. Our members are very important to us, so if you have an idea for improving the Community or would like to share your planning expertise, connect with us!